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Decorative Pavers and Driveway Design by Desert Greenscapes


Decorative Pavers make a statement for your Las Vegas, Nevada home!


Desert Greenscapes is a full-service paver company, specializing in decorative pavers, driveway pavers, and paver design services in the Las Vegas area. We provide high quality paver products and services at affordable rates using only the highest quality products.




Paver Walkways in Las Vegas, NV

Coming in all kinds of colors and decorative patterns we can help you add these as either a minor addition or major focal point of your landscaping. A paver walkway will give your home a distinct look that sets your home apart from your neighbors. Additionally decorative paver walkways withstand the desert heat better, resisting cracking and damage that traditional concrete sidewalks and walkways can experience.


To learn more about our decorative paver walkways, or to request a free estimate, contact us today!


Paver Driveways in Las Vegas, NV

Although durable and long lasting, traditional poured concrete driveways are boring. Over time they can stain a crack, diminishing the aesthetic of your home and requiring maintenance to preserve them. Paver driveways make for a great alternative for homeowners look to add a distinct style to their home with a durable and long-lasting solution. When you install a paver driveway, your options for style are limitless.  Pavers are far more durable than concrete and show little to no effect of intense heat or temperature extremes.  Interlocking pavers can stand up to the demands of your Las Vegas driveway, such as traffic and vehicular load, and still hold their style.


Paver Driveways are the right choice for homeowners in the Las Vegas area.  Desert Greenscapes is the paver driveway expert.  Should you desire a new paver driveway, want to replace your current driveway, or need paver repair, contact Desert Greenscapes today.


Paver Patios in Las Vegas, NV

Desert Greenscapes offers a wide variety of options for paver patio installation in Las Vegas, NV.  From basic flat concrete pavers to more decorative stone and replica stone patio paver stones, Desert Greenscapes has the product to fit virtually any style or budget. Let Desert Greenscapes give you the patio you've always dreamed of! For paver patio installation in Las Vegas, as well as sustainable and water wise landscape design, outdoor lighting, and synthetic grass, trust Desert Greenscapes.  We provide free, no-obligation estimates for all of our services.  Contact Desert Greenscapes today for your patio paver installation in Las Vegas.


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If you’re looking for that special touch to make your backyard or front of your home pop, decorative paves are an affordable solution. Give us a call to request a free, no-obligation estimate for decorative paver installation in the Las Vegas, NV area!